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Special First Communion Personalized Reminders!

Special First Communion Personalized Reminders!

Special First Communion: Your photo in frame or Collage on canvas, Albuns of photos, Signature books, Canvases, We help you to look great !.

26/07/2012 - Personalized Agendas and Notebooks Labor Viva

LABOR VIVA makes your Diary or Personalized Notebook so that the moment you want to remember is UNIQUE.

28/06/2012 - Order your LaborViva School Agendas

Order now your School Agendas for the 2012/2013 academic year and ... do not worry ... We will worry about you.

03/12/2011 - LOVE, HOPE & SANZ 2012

LOVE, HOPE & SANZ es una colección de cuadernos y agendas con las que LABOR VIVA quiere formular tres deseos para el 2012: AMOR, ESPERANZA y SOLIDARIDAD
Making off "Minimundito Sanzero Notebook "

26/05/2011 - Making off "Minimundito Sanzero Notebook "

Personalized notebooks for some very special followers in Argentina from our profile on TWITTER

10/05/2011 - Ordering your School Agendas prior to May 31 has its rewards

Order your personalized school agendas before 31 May and get a discount of up to 15% of our clients rate.

05/04/2011 - Order now your Custom School Agendas and Papers

We get in touch with you to present the renovated school agendas LIVE WORK customizable. We have improved the interior with new structure and design. We also offer greater potential for customization in front, back, inside of the agenda and inserts.

23/02/2011 - LABOR VIVA serves more than 900 people on the 2011 International Exhibition Expo Reclam

The brand of stationery and promotional gifts has been awarded the FYVAR to Solidarity.

15/02/2011 - Expo Reclam 2011 more ecological notebooks! in latiendalaborviva

New line ECO Labor Viva. New textures and formats made with ecological and recycled materials

Lest I forget! Lest you forget!

03/02/2011 - Lest I forget! Lest you forget!

Give this Valentine a gift that will reach the bottom of your heart.

To write you non-stop, love notes.

25/01/2011 - LABOR VIVA launches campaign to explain what they offer the Special Employment Centers

The brand aims to promote solidarity and creating employment for people with disabilities