Astrapace Collection

Astrapace Collection

2021 agendas  Laborviva 

Astrapace Collection

Great and practical agendas in which you can write down all your appointments, event dates and even scribble your ideas so that nothing escapes you, at the same time you will be collaborating in creating jobs for people with disabilities.


       Montaje_Agenda_Jirafas1              Montaje_Agenda_Leon               Montaje_Agenda_Mi_Murcia_                                       

ASTRAPACE (Association for the Treatment of People with Cerebral Palsy and Related Pathologies) is an Association founded by parents in 1980. This Association, declared of Public Utility, serves People with Cerebral Palsy and Related Disorders, for purposes of assistance Social, Therapeutic, educational and occupational treatments.



Through the creation of their works, people with disabilities express their feelings, emotions, ideas… while learning different artistic techniques. For them, art is a way of expressing and communicating their way of seeing the world, their ideas, their desires… while living it as a work, they are "artists".



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Agenda "Giraffe"

Product no.: AG_ASTR_JIR

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"Leon" Agenda

Product no.: AG_ASTR_LEON

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Agenda "My Murcia"

Product no.: AG_ASTR_MM

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