Notebooks and organizers

In this section you will find the NOTEBOOKS, PLANNERS and AGENDAS totally designed by Labor Viva. With them you can organize yourself and they will help you as a complement to your agenda. In addition, many are perpetual, so you can put the dates you consider.



Buying LABOR VIVA items not only do you make solidarity purchases, you are also creating direct employment for people with disabilities, because everything you see in this online store is made by us.

Labor Viva is the graphic arts section of the Special Employment Center of Social Initiative, FEYCSA




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Agenda Escolar Personalizada

Product no.: AGESC-PER

5.00 *

Delivery in 15 days

Solidarity Student Notebooks Pack

Product no.: PACK_CES

7.50 *

Weekly planner "Happy Week"

Product no.: PLAN_SEM

4.00 *
Prices include VAT, plus delivery

Souvenirs Made in Spain

Souvenirs Made in Spain


Souvenirs Made in Spain Labor Viva.

Utility Souvenirs and costumized stationery for all places.

Emotions agendas

Emotions agendas

Perpetual pocket agendas full of colors and generating emotions.