Eco Viva

Eco Viva


ECO VIVA is an original gift line that promotes love and respect for nature and responsible, sustainable and supportive consumption.

Behind this gift line there are many people with disabilities demonstrating their work capacity in different ways;

- Taking care of orchards, nurseries and gardens that take great care to obtain seeds and aromatic, medicinal, ornamental plants, air plants etc ...

- Sewing the soil bags, preparing seed pumps, labeling and preparing the packaging of the grow kits ...

- Making ceramic flowerpots and other types of equally beautiful and original containers in an artisan way

- Customizing these items in our graphic arts workshop so that they are a gift that not only talks about us, but also about your social and environmental commitment

- Carrying out customer service both at the points of sale and in this online store

 ECO VIVA is one of the sections of FEYCSA Special Employment Center of Social Initiative managed by the ASTRAPACE, ASSIDO, ASIDO CARTAGENA and ASTRADE Associations.


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