Calendars for 2021 to be a good year.


For 2021 LABOR VIVA has designed these solidarity Calendars in different formats that you can order here or through

If you prefer them personalized, you can request them by clicking here.

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New Eco Viva Wall Calendar

Product no.: CAL_PAR_EV

5.00 *

New Murcia Wall Calendar

Product no.: CAL_PAR_MUR

5.00 *

New Wall Calendar Self Help Phrases

Product no.: CAL_PAR_FRA

5.00 *

New Mariana Murcia Calendar


2.00 *

New Eco Viva Coffee Table

Product no.: CAL_ECO_MES

2.00 *

New Murcia Table Calendar

Product no.: CAL_MUR_MES

2.00 *

New Calendar Phrases Self-help Table

Product no.: CAL_FRA_MES

2.00 *
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