The Korean language, #Hangeul 한글 (Hangul, in Spanish), although it may seem very difficult and millennial, is actually a language invented with a scientific method in the fifteenth century, so that each consonant represents in a simple way how the sounds phonetically. This symbolism, coupled with a very expressive grammar, made it easier for Koreans who had no education and could not understand Chinese or Japanese characters to have access to knowledge.

This effort reminds us of the importance of braille or sign language in promoting the inclusion of people with sensory disabilities and easy-to-read adaptations to promote the cognitive accessibility of people with intellectual disabilities. Because it is not the people who must master a standardized language, but the languages ​​must favor the communication and integration of all people.

If you want to practice this beautiful handwriting and learn to write some words in Korean, we have included images with vowels, consonants and their equivalent pronunciation in Spanish.

In Korean, as in Spanish, most words are pronounced the same as they are written.

The rules of writing are simple

  • It is written from left to right and from top to bottom.
  • Words are formed by syllables.
  • If the letter is horizontal it is placed below the main letter; if it is vertical it is placed on the right side.
  • Each syllable will always begin with a consonant or a circle accompanying the vowel.
  • Each syllable must contain at least one consonant and one vowel.
  • A syllable can contain two, three and four letters, which must be written inside an imaginary square.
  • On the internet you will find many free tutorials and applications to learn the language in an entertaining way.



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