Solidarity Artists

Solidarity Artists

The "Labor Viva Collections" are several and valuable contributions of collaboration, without any kind of commitment or lucrative interest, by different artists such as: Muher Art-quitectura, Pedro Cano, Richar Sendra and Trazo 6 all of them committed to the work that we carry out from LABOR VIVA for the Creation of Employment for Persons with Disabilities and their inclusion in the labor market.

In the Labor Viva Collections you will also find works by people with disabilities, who, through different disciplines, transmit their vision and talent. Thanks to Astrapace, Assido, Astrade and Asido Cartagena for their contribution to the "Art and Disability Collections of Labor Viva".

"Creating employment for people with disabilities"

Pedro Cano Collection

Pedro Cano va col·laborar amb Viva Laboral durant el 8è any, cedint drets d’imatge de les seves obres "Alejandría" i "Mallorca",

Collection Muher Art-quitectura

Muher collaborates with LABOR VIVA contributing images of his work for the "Labor Viva Collections"

Collection Richar Sendra

Richar Sendra collaborates with Labor Viva, capturing some of his art images Pop Cinema, for the preparation of our notebooks.

Manuel Vacas Collection

Manuel Vacas collaborates with Labor Viva. He is a founding member and component of the creation art group TRAZO6

Collection Trazo6

Trazo6 collaborates with Labor Viva, giving us some of the images of their works for our "Labor Viva" collections.

Luisa Fernanda Guti Collection

Luisa Fernanda Guti, passionate about color, art and life, fuses these three passions into her unique and novel work.

Gaby Guillén Collection

Gaby Guillén is a great Cartagena illustrator of romantic paintings and an off-road artist, especially pop art.