Collection Muher Art-quitectura

Collection Muher Art-quitectura

The work of the Muher has reached Labor Viva!

Muher are Francisca Muñoz and Manuel Herrera, a couple of multi-disciplinary creatives who practice with ease design, interior design, architecture, painting and sculpture and who have already shown their work in several continents.



The work of the Muher, transmits strength, positive energy and desire to live. It is a work that uses color one hundred percent filling any space turning it into something cheerful and luminous. His flower paintings impress and seem to be endowed with a life of their own.

A factor that gives great uniqueness to his works is that they are worked simultaneously by the two artists.

The art of Muher enjoys great prestige worldwide, they are exponents in Miami, Jakarta, Milan, Madrid, Tokyo ... the main capitals of the entire world host their works with great enthusiasm.

Muher has assigned to LABOR VIVA, rights to some of its images, for its reproduction in a unique collection of agendas, integrating itself in this way in our "Labor Viva Collections" and in the great work we do together with other artists, in order to improve the social-labor conditions of people with disabilities and their full integration into the labor market. These agendas are only available in LABOR VIVA through this online store,


Choose your model or collect them all and bring the most current and contemporary art with you in your agenda!

Agendas Muher

Art in your agenda!

Bring authentic art in your annual agenda. Format Dia / Page with original Muher design.