Agendas Muher

Agendas Muher

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 The extraordinary pair of multi-disciplinary artists Muher, formed by Francisca Muñoz and Manuel Herrera, have decided to collaborate altruistically with Labor Viva, giving us the rights of some of the images of their tremendously colorful works, for the edition of a collection of unique agendas, collaborating with Labor Viva, in our work of Creation of Employment for Persons with Disabilities. The images of Muher's works "trap the viewer for their tremendous vividness and chromatic expressiveness". They become a colorful journey through the world through its flowers, with the color and fusion of colors, as the main protagonists.

According to themselves: "The tireless search for color and light is our hallmark, it is what defines our artistic language. It is what gives our work the stamp so personal and unmistakable and, fortunately, so recognizable at present in the world of art »

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Agenda Muher Cathedral

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