Pedro Cano Collection

Pedro Cano Collection

Pedro Cano is a painter who was born on August 10, 1944 in Blanca, Murcia. He began to paint in oil in a self-taught way when he was only 11 years old. A chance encounter with the Valencian painter Amparo Benaches in 1959, will determine her artistic orientation and initiate her in the direct observation of nature.

Pedro Cano's paintings are dominated by products from the garden and the influence of his travels around the world. Pedro Cano has exhibited his works in half the world, highlighting Italy.

The extraordinary painter Pedro Cano collaborates with Labor Viva


Pedro Cano has been collaborating for 7 years now, with the social-labor integration of people with disabilities, giving the reproduction of his masterful watercolors for which he is recognized inside and outside of our country, to LABOR VIVA, for the preparation of the notebooks, agendas , folders and different products more than we made, in our workshop of manipulated graphic arts and digital printing.

This year our agendas reflect the beauty of her works "Roses of Damascus" and "Red Roses", integrated in her wide collection of watercolors "Floral Motifs", so that they are included in our "Labor Viva Collections". Also this year, we reissued the images with reproductions of floral works and Puertas, of the most exquisite taste used in previous years, that the painter transfers directly from the natural to his sketchpad.

We can print the work, in Day / Page or Week / View format and in notebooks in all formats.

In addition to being a painter, Pedro Cano carries out an enormous informative work through his Foundation, giving courses to professional artists, but also, teaching children to love the drawing of the many schools that visit their museum in Blanca (Murcia).

The Pedro Cano Foundation also celebrates a "Painting Competition for people with disabilities" every year. In this contest, we do not look for an impeccable drawing but, "a real drawing", with feeling, which is the most common way of expressing oneself of people with disabilities. The theme of the contest is freely chosen although Pedro Cano, without pretending to be copied, encourages participants to be inspired by any of his works.

The contest concludes with a presentation of diplomas with an evening of coexistence in the Museum of the Foundation in Blanca, where the works are exposed for a whole day.

Pedro Cano conveys in this way his passion, dedication and a great deal of enthusiasm to all the participants.

Make yourself now, with your unique Floral Art agenda, with Pedro Cano!


LABOR VIVA thanks the Pedro Cano Foundation for the transfer of the reproduction rights of its artistic works for its application to our solidarity stationery collections, which help us to create and maintain jobs for people with disabilities.
You can learn more about the Pedro Cano Foundation and how to visit it on its website:

Pedro Cano Agendas 2020

Pedro Cano collaborates with LABOR VIVA, transferring the image rights of his works in watercolors.

Pedro Cano Notebooks

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