Go ahead and be a DISTRIBUTOR of the Labor Viva Collections in your shop / business!


Art of solidarity within the reach of your clients

If you have a PHYSICAL TRADE - stationery, bookstore, souvenir shop, shop in museums, gift boutique etc ..., we encourage you to collaborate in the social-labor integration of people with disabilities as DISTRIBUTOR of "Labor Viva Collections", that is, selling our items in your store.

The "LABOR VIVA Collections" are articles manufactured with a high quality and a competitive price in the graphic arts workshops of the FEYCSA Special Employment Center.

The "Collections", they are called that, because they reproduce on different formats, the works given free of charge by artists of recognized prestige of different disciplines and sometimes, of artists with disabilities that contribute a valuable perspective to the world of art. The Collections are certified reproductions that are produced in limited series with diverse, original and very attractive themes for the clients. In short, a perfect gift !!! .

From FEYCSA-LABOR VIVA, we will disseminate your collaboration by providing a link to your business. In addition to advertising for your business, you will be able to contribute an added value of Social Responsibility and Solidarity to the purchases of your clients.

For more information, we invite you to contact LABOR VIVA at / tfno: 968603240 to request the DISTRIBUTOR RATE.