Art Papers

Art Papers

Art Papers

Art Papers

Art notebooks specially designed for the more whimsical art lovers. Custom work for every taste and need. Made with materials from the best artistic qualities simple sketch or drawing books fast.


Types of books

Art centers, colleges, private ... require different kinds of art books:

  • Handbooks quick sketch or drawing.
  • Notebooks for watercolor, oil, china ink ....
  • Notebooks for taking the first steps in art, exploring the use of new techniques.
  • Papers with a high percentage of cotton, with a variety of textures and weights.

Sizes and formats

Notebooks and sketchbooks and paintings of various sizes to choose from.

  • A3.
  • A4.
  • Notebooks travel artist or small sizes.


Notebooks with covers practices and / or artistic.

  • 2 mm hardcover. thick, lined with full color printing.
  • Flexible covers 300 to 450 grs.
  • Materilal covered with recycled.
  • Natural leather or synthetic leather colors.

Interior graphics

From simple and economic roles to the best drawing and painting materials.

  • Fine grain cartridge paper.
  • Coarse Guarro paper
  • Role of 80 or 90 grams for sketch.
  • Ability to customize the interiors of the notebooks.
  • Other materials and internal order.


  • Wire-o bound with metal or plastic spiral of different colors.
  • Chance of matt or gloss laminated covers notebooks, both exterior and interior.
  • Custom inserts including specific information.