Custom Papers

Custom Papers

Custom Papers

Custom Papers

Full range of custom notebooks with covers rigid or flexible, wire-o or spiral, with different quality of printing, with or without PVC bung, standard or custom interiors.

Types of books

Notebooks for personal, professional and promotional activities:

  • Promotional corporate notebooks.
  • Papers for the office.
  • Notebooks for corporate gifts and merchandising. 
  • Notebooks specialized trade.
  • Notebooks.
  • Notebooks for gift shops ...

Sizes and formats

Custom notebooks in different sizes and formats:

  • A4 21x29, 7 cm.
  • A5 15x21 cms.
  • A6 of 10.5 x15 cms.
  • A7 of 7.5 x10, 5 cms.
  • And notebooks square, rectangular, elongated ... measurement you need.


Notebooks with different types of decks:

  • 2 mm hardcover. thick, lined with prints in full color and laminated.
  • Flexible covers 600 grs. composed of two layers of 300 grams. each top and laminated on both sides.
  • PVC or polypropylene overcap, clear or colored.

Cuadernos de colección Lautrec
Interior graphics

Notebooks with standard or custom interiors:

  • Interior white paper.
  • Interior of graph paper.
  • Custom Interior sheet at one, two or four inks.
  • Including advertising or promotional inserts at the beginning or end of the notebook.


  • Wire-o bound with metal or plastic coil.
  • Lined plastic caps with matte or gloss lamination.
  • Incorporation of other accessories that you request.



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Is your baby the most beautiful thing in the world?

Well here you have the way to always carry it with you, in this notebook A5.

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