Large formats

Large formats

Large formats

Stationery Large Format

Apart from the traditional paper products, we can make other large format files and folders from media salvaescritorio, boards for games ...

Types of large format products

All those large custom products you can imagine:

  • Archivaodres 2 and 4 rings
  • Folders for storing documents.
  • Folders for corporate companies and events.
  • Educational Salvaescritorios educational content and advertising.
  • Posters and decorative plotters.

Sizes and formats

Aechivadores custom folders and folders estándars and similar sizes. Other tailor-made products ..

  • Larger sizes up to 60z60 cms. Other sizes consult.
  • A4 21x29, 7 cm.
  • A5 15x21 cms.
  • And square, rectangular, elongated ... measurement you need.


  • Filing with rigid covers up to 2.5 mm. thick, lined with prints in full color and laminated.
  • Folders graphics card up to 350 grs. plasticized by one or both sides, printed in 1, 2 or 4 colors. We have several predefined formats with blanks, but we can build your custom project.


  • Binding of filers with 2 or 4 rings.
  • Lined plastic caps with matte or gloss lamination.
  • Inclusion of other additions requested by you, such as card holders, plastic bags, briefcases clips ...