Eco Stationery

Eco Stationery

Eco Stationery

Ecological Stationery

Full range of notebooks, notepads and other personalized stationery products covers rigid or flexible, wire-o or spiral, with different quality of printing, they can rely on standard or custom interior. Since one hundred percent organic products and recycled to products with recycled material combinations with other elements.


Sizes and formats

Custom notebooks in different sizes and formats:

  • A4 21x29, 7 cm.
  • A5 15x21 cms.
  • A6 of 10.5 x15 cms.
  • A7 of 7.5 x10, 5 cms.
  • And notebooks square, rectangular, elongated ... measurement you need.


  • 8x8 cms.
  • 10x10 cms.
  • Other sizes to choose from.

Agendas and other stationery products

  • Agendas annual caps and indoor recycled environmentally friendly paper.
  • Any other product that the customer wants to propose.


Notebooks with different types of decks:

  • 2 mm hardcover. thick, lined with color prints. Option to include a thin layer of plastic to give greater resistance to the product.
  • Flexible covers 500 grs. composed of two layers of 250 grams. each top and laminated on both sides.
  • Xerigrafiadas recycled cardboard covers or termoimpresas.

Cuaderno ecológico Flor de la Pasión

Interior graphics

Notebooks and notepads with standard or custom interiors:

  • Interior off-white recycled paper.
  • Recycled paper Interior earthy colors.
  • Custom Interior sheet at one, two or four inks, recycled paper with different textures.
  • Including advertising or promotional inserts at the beginning or end of the notebook.


  • Binder or wire-o spiral.
  • Tapas recycled paper lined with soft and delicate textures.
  • Possibility of including a thin layer of plastic that gives the product durability, maintaining its character and ecological recycling 95% of the product.
  • Incorporation of other accessories that you request.