Notepads with white paper with colored paper with sticky notes, with customization of the cue to different colors, in hard cover and soft ...



Estuches marcapáginas
Types of tacos

Notepads for professional, personal or promotional use:

  • Bookmark kits.
  • Notepads bulky for many applications.
  • Tacos with post-it notes.
  • Adhesive notepads. 

Sizes and formats

Personalized notepads with different sizes and formats:

  • 8x8 cms.
  • 9x9 cms.
  • 10x10 cms.
  • And any size you want to imagine ...
  • Different thicknesses, from 20 leaves for basic blocks up to 250 sheets advertising.

Tacos de notas de colores con tapas durasCovers

Notepads with different types of decks:

  • 2 mm hardcover. thick, lined with prints in full color and laminated.
  • Flexible covers 300 grs. laminated on the outside ..
  • PVC or polypropylene, clear or colored, with custom printing option.
  • Special purse for special formats.

Interior graphics

Notebooks with standard or custom interiors:

  • Interior gummed white paper.
  • Interior custom white paper glued to a spot.
  • Complete Custom Interior sheet at one, two or four inks.
  • Standard or custom sticky notes to one or more inks.


  • Lined plastic caps with matte or gloss lamination.
  • Inclusion of the blocks in other stationery products like notebooks, binders, agendas, purse ...
  • Incorporation of other accessories that you request.