Collection Richar Sendra

Collection Richar Sendra

We celebrate with great enthusiasm, the collaboration that Richar Sendra offers us, by assigning us image rights to some of his works from the CINEMAPOP Collection, for printing on all our products, diaries, notebooks, folders, photo canvases, etc ...


The author has dedicated his whole life to the plastic arts, from his first exhibition of painting (Águilas, 1993) to culminate the vocation as part of the founding society of one of the decanas communication and advertising agencies of the city of Murcia, in 1997 (La Federal), where he expanded his training as a graphic designer and art director until today. He currently combines graphic design with the most personal facet of illustration and painting, both classical and digital.


It is a nostalgic, tender and avant-garde look of Spanish cinema of the 60s and 70s. An original tribute to what was the professional refuge of great Spanish actors and actresses. With a bright colorful pop, that glamorous touch of the black and white years is vindicated. It is a collection of iconic and recognizable characters that have been part of our sentimental education and that of our parents.


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Notebook Jose Luis Ozores

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notebook laborskine Alfredo Landa

Product no.: CUADLAB_RS_AL

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notebook laborskine Gracita

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Concha Velasco notebook

Product no.: CUADLAB_RS_JLO

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Notebook José Luis Vázquez

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Caderno Sara Montiel

Product no.: CUADLAB_RS_SM

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