Collection Trazo6

Collection Trazo6

Grupo Trazo6 began its journey in December 2016 in the city of Murcia. It originates as a collective of artists with the concern of exploring new ways of developing their professional activity.


This group of artists bases their work on realistic figuration. They believe in the richness of diversity and in their capacity to generate ideas, in it they find many more points in common than divergences, thus they use a powerful and powerful tool, art.


The passion for painting could be the highlight of this eclectic group of artists who have decided to join forces and ideas to work in a new field of joint action. They bring together different styles and themes, but they will be oriented in the future towards the exploration of ways of expression where these stylistic differences enrich common proposals.

Without abandoning each of its members his individual career. Grupo Trazo6 intends to periodically appear on the cultural scene in the future with offers of artistic and social value that capture the view, interest and awareness of the viewer.





Maria_Caride Carlos_Menendez Manuel_Vacas Manuel_Laguna

María Caride

Murcia (1964)

Carlos Menéndez

Madrid (1962)

Manuel Vacas

Cáceres (1961)

Manuel Laguna

Madird (1961)


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