Sketchboock notebooks

Sketchboock notebooks

Trazo6 has assigned to LABOR VIVA, the rights of image of some of his works, for his reproduction in covers of our notebooks Sketchboock with rustic binding, integrating itself in this way in our "Labor Viva Collections" and in the great work we do together with other artists, to improve the social and labor conditions of people with disabilities and their full integration into the labor market. These Sketchboock notebooks are only available in LABOR VIVA through this online store. It is also possible to print these images on other Labor Viva manufacturing supports such as Agendas, notebooks in all formats, Folders, Cabinets, Notepads, Photographic canvas etc. To do this, send us an email to and tell us what is your preferred support.


"This collective of artists bases their work on realistic figuration, they believe in the richness of diversity and in their capacity to generate ideas, in it they find many more points in common than divergences, thus they use a powerful and powerful tool, art The passion for painting could be the highlight of this eclectic group of artists who have decided to join forces and ideas to work in a new field of joint action. "

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Sketchboock Playing on the beach

Product no.: CUADSKB_T6_JENP

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Loch Lomond Notebook

Product no.: CUADSKTB_T6_LOCHL

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Chinatown Notebook

Product no.: CUADLAB_T6_CHTW

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