Solidarity Influencer Award






Labor Viva constitutes the "LABOR VIVA AWARD for SOLIDARITY INFLUENCER" to recognize the altruistic collaboration of journalists, instagramers, bloggers, youtubers, influencers in general ... who help us spread the LABOR VIVA solidarity collections through social networks.


-The solidarity communicator will choose among all the items for sale in latiendalaborviva, be it a customizable item or part of a collection or the complete collection, freely which one he decides to promote based on his personal interests and tastes.

- The solidarity communicator will freely decide how to do this promotion, in which social network, if he does it only once or on several occasions. If you need images or videos to carry out this dissemination, they will be provided in digital format, with the required quality, but not physical samples unless they are necessary and the communicator is responsible for the shipping costs.

- The solidarity communicator will communicate in the email his desire to participate in the SOLIDARITY PRIZE attaching evidence of the dissemination (link, screenshot, etc ...) of the dissemination created. This should be done regardless of whether the post labels our brand.

- The solidarity communicator may repeat the dissemination as many times as he deems appropriate, increasing with each dissemination action his chances of winning the Solidarity Award.

- On December 3 of each year, International Disability Day, LABOR VIVA will widely communicate on social networks the winner of the SOLIDARITY INFLUENCER Award. In the deliberation to award this award, beyond the impact on the number of visits or followers, the quality of the inclusive message and the originality of the dissemination will be taken into account.

- A FIRST PRIZE is constituted consisting of a batch valued at 300 euros of stationery / accessories with the images that are provided to us by the winner for publicity or, with our collections and two ACCESITS of 100 euros and 50 euros.