Gaby Guillén Collection

Gaby Guillén Collection

Gaby Guillén describes her illustration as "Mediterranean pop art". Her illustrations are romantic and colorful, as well as inspiring and referring to the Region of Murcia and the places she travels to. Its main elements of inspiration are the sea and women.

At Labor Viva we love their works because they convey optimism and desire to enjoy life that are values of our brand. Gaby is a person committed to different social causes and has not hesitated to offer the reproduction of her works so that we can make illustrations as beautiful as those that we offer exclusively in our collections.

In addition, he is a multifaceted artist who creates wonderful and original objects that he calls "useful art".


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Notebook "Preciosa de Murcia"

Product no.: CU-PRE-MU

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Notebook "Kissing Murcia"

Product no.: CU-BES-MU

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