Luisa Fernanda Guti Collection

Luisa Fernanda Guti Collection

Luisa Fernanda Guti (Palencia 1960), allows Labor Viva to make certified reproductions of her works in any of our formats: Calendars, Notebooks, Sketckbooks, Canvas, Calendar ... Visit her facebook page at y send a message to to request presupuesto

Luisa Fernanda Guti, is an artist who auna contemporary art and the mats of classical artists, in a burst of vivid colors that according to her, performs this activity to express herself emotionally, as if this is an extension of her soul through from your homies.

A passion for life, color and art, these three festivals merge into their artistic career by creating a unique, roundabout work of color that is absolutely new.


Luisa Fernanda Guti reinterprets some great conductors like Velázquez. For her it is an unmistakable source of knowledge and inspiration. She interprets the masterpieces of painting, haciéndolas suyas, creating a very personal, contemporary and vitality work, able to draw back to the vanguard the masterpieces that reside in our deepest collective imagination.

The color is its great ally, handling with absolute mastery an endless palette in tones and mats, where the volumes and geometries integrate perfectly into scenes, scripts and human figures that will transport us to the most contemporary art based on the most classical teachers.

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Canvas Velázquez Revisited 30X40

Product no.: LFG_DELI50X70

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Queen Elizabeth Canvas Print

Product no.: LFG_RI50X70

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Canvas Brincando

Product no.: LFG_BRI50X70

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Wedding night

Product no.: LFG_NB50X70

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Lienzo tatoo with fuerza

Product no.: LFG_TATOO

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Canvas Between Cotton

Product no.: LFG_EA70X50

30.00 *

lienzo with Macula

Product no.: LFG_CM70X50

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Canvas Without Vanagloria or Blood

Product no.: LFG_SVNS 70 x 50

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