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LABOR VIVA serves more than 900 people on the 2...

23/02/2011 - LABOR VIVA serves more than 900 people on the 2011 International Exhibition Expo Reclam

LABOR VIVA serves more than 900 people on the 2011 International Exhibition Expo Reclam

More than  900 claimed, advertisers and graphic arts specialists and promotes the gift he was approached last week to visit the booth  LABOR VIVA  at the International Advertising and Promotional Gift -  Reclam Expo 2011 , held at Feria de Madrid.

From  LABOR  VIVA  want  to thank  all who have come to know to learn more about our work, our products and our efforts to create and maintain quality jobs for people with disabilities. His  enthusiasm , opinions, requests and proximity helps us to  improve  every day.

During the fair we presented our  latest products , among which have been highlighted by the interest among visitors, our ecological notebooks, fridge magnets and agendas and canvas-covered notebooks. What I liked most visitors is that all these products, as most products we make, can be customized from 50 units.

Moreover, in parallel to the Fair, the  Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Advertising and Promotional Items from Spain and Portugal (FYVAR)  has recognized  WORK  VIVA , the fourth edition of the awards that bear his name, with the  Solidarity Award , created to highlight the ethical and professional industry advertising and promotional gifts.

According to the jury,  WORK  VIVA  has earned the confidence of communication and marketing departments of major companies, as well as claimed and advertisers who do the important work of brokerage, consulting and advertising claims. At the same time valued the ability to meet the same professional dedication, support needs of their workers.


Under the brand  WORK  VIVA , the  Special Employment Centre FEYCSA currently maintains  60 jobs, with more than 95% of the workforce composed of people with disabilities,  50% of those with intellectual disabilities and / or mental illness.

FEYCSA (Training, Employment and Trade, SA) is a non-profit society promoted by Astus, Assido, holding Cartagena, Astrapace and Apandis, all member associations FEAPS Murcia. FEYCSA is a special employment center associated with AFEM (FEAPS Association for Employment).



In the photo above, the stand  WORK  LIVE  at the Fair Expo Reclam, always full of visitors. In the photo below, the team of professionals  LABOR VIVA  posing proudly with their prize, they spent all their colleagues and their managers, who exercise their duties in an altruistic way to drive that from these specialized companies will continue to work for integration and social work.

Miembros del equipo de LABOR VIVA recogiendo el galardón