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LABOR VIVA launches campaign to explain what th...

25/01/2011 - LABOR VIVA launches campaign to explain what they offer the Special Employment Centers

LABOR VIVA launches campaign to explain what they offer the Special Employment Centers

The brand aims to promote solidarity and creating employment for people with disabilities

" They remember  entrepreneurs, public administrators and other professionals looking for the special employment centers when they think of suppliers to meet your needs?

" They know that  working with the EEC are reserving a site, a job, a job ... for workers with disabilities?

To facilitate this  simple exercise of memory WORK  VIVA , stationery brand solidarity promoted by the Special Employment Centre FEYCSA (Training, Employment and Marketing, Inc.) is launching today a  information campaign  to raise awareness of the choice so easy  to book activities Special Employment Centres , reporting the following alternatives to reach;

  • Hire services are usually outsourced.
  • Buy promotional items and corporate gifts.
  • Subcontract any part of the business.
  • Collaborate on special programs to agree sheltered employment frameworks as labor integration.

To explain all these possibilities,  WORK  VIVA  edited 500 annual agendas for 2011 will be distributed free of charge to interested agencies upon request, e- mail from VIVA WORK.

The information contained in the Agenda is also available as DOSSIER, in print and digital , to facilitate their wider dissemination.

Project Involved

This outreach campaign is part of the projects involved, a project promoted by the  Fundación Iberdrola and regional governments , which aim to  develop the Employment Centres (EEC)  through the consolidation and implementation of innovative activities can be contracted by businesses, professionals and government.

With this project, FEYCSA has expanded its brand stationery and personalized gift  WORK  VIVA  , has consolidated the management of their outsourcing of cleaning and gardening and has launched a new business line scanning, document management and destruction documents under the trademark DOCU  VIVA  can be already purchased this 2011.

FEYCSA belongs to AFEM (FEAPS Association for Employment).

Colaboran SEF Murcia, Fundación Iberdrola y FEAPS Región de Murcia