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Making Off

26/05/2011 - Making off "Minimundito Sanzero Notebook "

Making off "Minimundito Sanzero Notebook "

To reward the sympathy and affection of a very special followers of our profile TWITTER Argentina have sent some books personalized with your logo Fan Club.  

And it's not any Fan Club are just a few girls while continuing to Alejandro Sanz (under the supervision of his family), and are aware of the importance of helping others.

In WORK VIVA know that solidarity has no age, no ideology, creed, or borders.

These notebooks are currently traveling to Argentina from Spain, returning just a little surge of affection we receive in our daily work for people with disabilities.

We want you to see in this newsletter how books are produced WORK LIVE in our workshops and how your orders help to support jobs for disabled people : designers, gluing, binders, sales ...

You can customize all kinds of notebooks and agendas, and many other stationery products and gifts, and can be used for all kinds of needs.

CHECK OUT OUR WEB www.latiendalaborviva.com !

Thank you all and a special hug Minimundito Sanzero.


El diseñador de LABOR VIVA le da los últimos retoques a la creatividad de la portada

LIVE WORK designer gives the finishing touches to the creativity of the cover

Para proteger el papel, es necesario plastificarlo por su cara exterior

To protect the paper, it is necessary to laminate it for its outer face

Después de recortar los pliegos grandes , se aplica cola al pliego de papel resultante, por la cara que no está plastificada

After cutting the large sheets, glue is applied to the resulting sheet of paper.
This operation is always the face that is not plastic

Con mucho cuidado se hacen los dobleces necesarios para adaptar el pliego de papel a la tapa de cartón. Con la cola, quedará pegado para siempre. Ya hemos creado la tapa dura.

Carefully folds are necessary to adapt the piece of paper to the cardboard lid.
With the tail will be attached forever. We've created a hardcover.

Estas tapas se perforan para poder introducir el la espiral de plástico o el wire-o metálico

These caps are drilled in order to enter the spiral of plastic or metal wire-o

Se colocan las tapas con el papel mediante un procedimiento llamado "casado"

Place the paper covers a procedure called "married"

Finalmente se procede al cerrado del wire-o mediante una máquina de presión.

Finally was the wire-or closed by a pressing machine.

¡¡¡ Y ya tenemos los cuadernos terminados !!! Esperamos que os gusten.

And we have the books finished! We hope you like.