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Expo Reclam 2011 more ecological notebooks! in ...

15/02/2011 - Expo Reclam 2011 more ecological notebooks! in latiendalaborviva

Expo Reclam 2011 more ecological notebooks! in latiendalaborviva

A stand that promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR)


WORK  LIVE  show, from Tuesday 15 February at the International Advertising and Promotional Gift Expo Reclam 2011, its new  line of eco stationery ECO  Labor  Viva .  Under this designation are intended for those products companies, organizations and individuals who want boost its Social Responsibility (CSR) through the consumption of socially and environmentally responsible.

Productos de la gama ECO LABOR VIVA sobre una playa y el mar de fondo

The line of personalized stationery products Eco  Work  Experience  can help create employment for people with disabilities and environmental conservation.

Is notable for its  customizability , its  different textures and sizes  made ​​with  organic and recycled materials . These notebooks, notepads and other stationery products from cardboard and paper 100% recycled, handcrafted finishes and production processes at all times respecting the environment.

For elaboration,  WORK  VIVA  uses a variety of recycled materials, from cardboard and paper with a rustic look in terms of colors and textures, up paper and cardboard with a conventional finishing with white or colors and soft textures Ahués and smooth.

ECO Products  Work  Experience  may present with  transient finishes , based on thin cardboard covers natural and will use biodegradable, or  enduring finishes , including rigid coating covers a thin layer of matte plastic, which gives the product a great durability, maintaining their ecological character in 95% of the material used

Labor  Viva  taking orders from 50 pieces, depending on the material used and offers customization, full color covers and the possibility of inclusion of inserts and custom interiors.

Logotipo de la Feria Expo Reclam 2011Our products can meet 15 to 17 February at the Fair Exporeclam Fair 2011 in Madrid, visit us at Stand F047 or the Official Stand Green Point initiative in the same exhibition.
For more information contact:
FEYCSA Special Employment Center