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Corporate Social Responsability

Social Responsability

Collaboration is much easier than it looks. It is enough to reserve some economic activities to the Special Employment Centres. Here we explain.

How do I book activities for the CEE?

Companies and agencies can book the EEC contracts in order to meet their needs and also create employment for disabled workers.


  • Hiring services are outsourced (outsourcing)
  • Purchasing articles advertising and corporate gifts
  • Outsourcing some of the business
  • Working in special sheltered employment (enclaves and labor cooperation contracts between the public and private)

Brigadas de jardinería y limpieza de LABOR VIVA

1. Outsourced recruiting services

Cleaning and gardening services

- Cleaning of buildings and conservation areas (community gardens and swimming pool owners, conservation organizations, commercial centers and office ...
- Cleaning shock or specialized (works delivery, moving, clearing and pruning of gardens, glass, garage ...).
- Garden design and replacement of indoor and outdoor plants

Scanning services, document destruction and / or custody documentary

escaneado de documentos para su gestión documental
Analysis and classification of documents (invoices, payroll, newspaper, plans and maps, transcripts, medical records, photographs, scripts ...).
Scanning and document management on indexation arrangements for data recovery clients.
Destruction of confidential documents , so eventually the end of the document management (weeding) and / or periodic service collection of documents.
Certi? legal education scanned files.
Custody of the refund system files and time set in warehouses and / or web server hosting for online consultation.

2. Buying promotional items and corporate gifts

Crafted and / or industries with the best design, quality, variety of styles, prices and fully customizable. Ideal for corporate gifts, conferences, events, merchandising, tourist, cultural, souvenir shops ... and also as a reminder of personal and family anniversaries.

- Stationery Personalized WORK VIVA brand such as notebooks, calendars and school year, notepads, calendars, refrigerator magnets ...

Productos de papelería personalziada

- Spare PROLAM crafts made in brass, bronze, wood, ceramic ... as trophies, metopes, letter openers, paperweights ...

Productos de artesanía de PROLAM

- Pastry, banners, flags, badges ... embroidered with different sizes and fabrics.

Reposteros, banderas y banderolas realizadas por APANDIS

3. Outsourcing some of the business

Encargado de taller explica a operaria el funcionamiento de una máquina

Bound in hardcover / soft, placement of wire-o / spiral binders mechanisms, thermal printing on different materials, creasing, perforating, folding, gluing, cutting ... graphic arts business.
. Design, cutting and assembling cardboard boxes for gifts and other uses.
industrial embroidery for customization of the textile and promotional message; flags and giant canvas, fly banner, fabric banners large format ...
Packaging and shrink the gift products business.
Screen printing on textiles and other surfaces.
Mailing, labeling and inserting for different companies to issue Christmas cards designed by artists with disabilities or any information provided.
Installation of various components for electronics companies, agriculture (drip irrigation), metal sections (construction) ...
- Mounting trays for the food industry
- Any other service ...

4. Working in special employment programs protected

By special sheltered employment contracts, EWCs provide services that may be paid directly by the companies and administrations, it is agreed to be reserved for disabled workers so that they continue to receive support from the EEC. In these cases, seeks to open ways for further transit of the targeted workers to the company or management contracting.

Integration services working in private enterprise , in the form of industrial sites to the core business of the employer.
Integration services employment in public administration , in the form of reserve service CEE activities of Community interest (and ratings services, custodial, support for dependents ...).

The services so provided are subject to a legal framework for contracting is permitted only to the EWC .This is because its main purpose is to seek ways of occupational integration by working closely with the company and contracting management, establishing a program of medium-term work integration. Initially pilot and gradually consolidated, these services have an additional control by the SEF, which must approve such contracts.

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