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Terms & Conditions

General conditions of Internet Sales


Please,  we will be delighted to send you more information to be our distributor if you send an e-mail to laborviva@feycsa.com

Sending your personal data and purchase through our website www.latiendalaborviva.com
implies acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.


These general conditions of sale (hereinafter "General Purchase Conditions ") govern the online and offline purchase of products offered to the public by FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA ) through the online store located at the URL www.latiendalaborviva.com, the website for non industry public.


The completion and submission of the purchase order implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions of the Purchase Agreement, as explicitly stated in the Purchase Order.

The information required in order to register as a client is:

Mail registration (username and Password)









Optional: I would like to receive the LABOR VIVA newsletter and information about future promotions, indicating preferred language.

Optional: Contact telephone number


Purchase Orders that refer to these Terms and Conditions are those that are sent to FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA )  electronically from the online store featured on the website. For an order placed over the internet to be valid, all the mandatory information requested on the forms should be completed.


All prices advertised on this site include VAT. Prices apply to both retail trade and other customers.
* Dealers have a contact form and specific conditions of purchase under a distribution agreement with EEC FEYCSA ( LABOR VIVA ) .


Payment made by credit card also allows other means of payment  for prepayment of shipping of the product (such as paypal). In all cases, shipping information is in encrypted form over the Internet to ensure the security of the transaction.
FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA ) assumes no liability whatsoever, either indirectly or directly, for any damages of any kind arising out of access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communications, opinions, events , products and services available or offered on the website which are not managed by FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA )


The costs of  packaging and shipping of products purchased, and any VAT and other taxes applicable, are the responsibility the customer, and should be included in the price in the same payment. The price shown on the website includes VAT, and is based on the VAT rate in the Spanish peninsular territory. Quotes for shipping to Spanish overseas territory, the European Union and other countries can  be provided daily by FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA ) by mail / fax to the client. Upon acceptance of the quote by the client FEYCSA  will proceed to issue the order online. In case of disagreement with the invoice, LABOR VIVA will refund the payment made within 15 days of the confirmation of the on- line purchase on the POS payment platform.

FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA ) reserves the right to offer promotions that may not include the full costs of packaging and shipping. Certain costs may vary and will be appropriately advertised


The delivery of products advertised on the website FEYCSA EEC, both in Spain and abroad, will be within 10 working days (Monday to Friday) for available products, and 20 working days for products not available at the time of order, from the time the full cost and taxes are paid. These deadlines apply to both store pick-up and delivery.


I. - Form and time period

The Customer may withdraw from the purchase of stationery within seven ( 7) business days from the day of receipt of the goods if the order or design does not agree with the online invoice issued by the POS platform, accepted via mail by the customer. The date on the receipt of delivery used for the purposes of calculating the period of seven ( 7) days is referred to in this Clause. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer should complete the withdrawal document provided by FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA), together with confirmation and send  by certified mail before the end of the period of seven ( 7) days referred to above, to the address indicated. For these purposes, the  withdrawal document should display the address as well as the product in as-new condition, and in its original packaging or, failing that, correctly repackaged together with the original invoice as issued at the time by FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA ). The exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Customer does not in any way infringe their rights. The customer must take responsibility for the cost of returning the item. The risk of loss, deterioration or damage to the Product to which the revocation relates, are charged to the customer until delivery to FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA )

II - . Repeating the order or refund option in case of withdrawal

FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA ) works in accordance with  ISO 9001:2008 and offers the customer the option of replacing the original order and design in the shortest possible time, and within15 days of receipt of the goods, assuming FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA ) is responsible for shipping . If this is not acceptable to the customer, FEYCSA ( LABOR VIVA ) agrees to return the amount paid initially for the Product, plus initial shipping no later than thirty ( 30) days after receipt of the Product by FEYCSA EEC ( LABOR VIVA ) . In exercising the right of withdrawal, the Product must have been received by FEYCSA EEC under the conditions set out in the preceding clause. In the event of the returned products having a defect, the Customer shall indemnify FEYCSA EEC (LABOR VIVA) the amount of such damage, deducting the amount necessary to reimburse the Customer as the result of withdrawal.


As a general rule, items in collections that do not require pro-forma or preliminary design for the client to accept, FEYCSA EEC (LABOR VIVA) is responsible for the quality of its products, and admits the return of any defective product, assuming responsibility for expenses incurred, provided that any complaint is communicated within 7 days of the date of delivery at the following email address: feycsa@feycsa.com.


Consumers agree to submit the disagreement to the Consumer Arbitration System regulated by Royal Decree 231/2008 of 15 February, accepting that conflicts with FEYCSA ( LABOR VIVA ) are resolved through the procedure under this rule by the Consumption Arbitration Board, as stated in Article 8 of the Royal Decree of the territory of the Region of Murcia.