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Agendas collection pedro cano 2018


Agendas collection pedro cano 2018

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Pedro Cano y Artistas* Pedro Cano with LABOR VIVA workers.


Art in your Agenda 2018.

For the fourth year, the extraordinary painter Pedro Cano collaborates with the socio-labor integration of people with disabilities, ceding the reproduction of his masterful watercolors for which he is recognized inside and outside our country. This year the painter wanted our calendars to be two of the Doors of Rome included in his collection of watercolors in which are collected the fourteen gates of Rome.
Pedro Cano carries out an enormous amount of information through his Foundation, teaching courses to professional artists but also teaching children to draw from the many schools that visit his museum in Blanca (Murcia).

Pedro Cano Muestra Sus Agendas Personales A Trabajadores De Labor Viva

* Pedro Cano shows his personal agendas which serve as support for delicate works to LABOR VIVA workers.

If you need more personalization in your agenda, contact us laborviva@feycsa.com

LABOR VIVA thanks the Pedro Cano Foundation for the assignment of the rights of reproduction of its artistic works for its application to our collections of solidary stationery, which help us to create and maintain jobs for people with disabilities.

You can know more details about the Pedro Cano Foundation and how to visit it on its website:  www.fundacionpedrocano.es



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  • Dura
  • 15,5 x 21,5 cm.
  • En Wire-o metálico
Organizing days
  • Día/Página
Inside pages
  • Papel 80 gr. Color blanco

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Villa Adriana I
Puertas: Villa Adriana I
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Villa Adriana II
Puertas: Villa Adriana II
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Delivery weight: 80 g
Agendas collection pedro cano 2018 Agendas collection pedro cano 2018
(Puertas: Villa Adriana I)
14.00 € *
Delivery weight: 500 g
Prices include VAT, plus delivery
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