Agenda Pedro Cano "Rosa de Damasc"

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Art in your Agenda.

The extraordinary painter Pedro Cano collaborates with the social and labor integration of people with disabilities by giving the reproduction of their masterful watercolors for which he is recognized in and outside of our country. This year the painter has wanted our agendas to be "Rosa de Damasco" and "Rosa Roja", two of his works from the watercolor collection "Floral Motifs".


Included in your collection of watercolors "Floral motifs", in which they are collected, varied prints of flowers, in their drawing block as you see them throughout their journey through different parts of the world.

Pedro Cano makes an enormous informative work through his Foundation, giving courses to professional artists but also teaching to love the drawing to the children of the numerous schools that visit his museum in Blanca (Murcia).

Pedro Cano Muestra Sus Agendas Personales A Trabajadores De Labor Viva

* Pedro Cano shows his personal agendas that serve as support for delicate works to LABOR VIVA workers.

If you need more personalization in your calendar, contact us at


LABOR VIVA thanks the Pedro Cano Foundation for the cession of the reproduction rights of its artistic works for its application in our solidarity stationery collections, which help us to create and maintain jobs for people with disabilities.

Puedes conocer más detalles sobre la Fundación Pedro Cano y como visitarla en su web:

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  • Papel 80 gr. Color blanco


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