Pedro Cano Limones Notebook

Pedro Cano Limones Notebook

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This year we made a special edition of our collaboration with Pedro Cano and reissued the collections of previous years. In this case it is an A5 notebook in landscape format with the cover of the watercolor "Lemons". Although it was already used, in our edition of agendas of 2013, all of Pedro Cano's work is timeless and we reissue all the works that our image rights have been giving us, throughout the 6 years that we have already, of collaboration with Pedro Cano.

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  • Dura
  • A5 (21x14,8 cm.)
Inside pages Blank paper
  • 72 Pages
Paper gram
  • 80 gr.


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Pedro Cano "Red Rose" Agenda Pedro Cano "Red Rose" Agenda
15.00 *
Agenda Pedro Cano "Rosa de Damasc" Agenda Pedro Cano "Rosa de Damasc"
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