The Korean Letter Book

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Esther Campos is a Spanish lawyer. She is the CEO of a special company which employs people with disabilities.

She has been writing diaries and short stories since she was very young and through them, she has delved into the emotional richness of the human being. She is curious about understanding cultural diversity and individual differences.

"The Korean letter; the invisible emotion" is her first novel published in Spanish, her mother tongue, by "Labor Viva " which has been translated into English, a language she speaks fluently in addition to French and Italian, for Amazon's various platforms and partner bookstores.

The novel is receiving great reviews from audience and magazines working for the spread of Korean culture and to strengthen ties with Western countries, though according to the author; "it is just a romantic novel born from the gratitude to the romanticism of k-dramas which only aims to thrill and entertain the readers".

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